Councillor Chilcott Explains Why Voting Counts to Foxes Students

Foxes Academy held a ‘Careers Day’ last Friday for its first and second year students. It was a chance for these talented young people with learning disabilities to think about their futures, their aspirations and what types of jobs they may wish to pursue in the hospitality and catering industry when they graduate.

Somerset County Councillor Mandy Chilcott visited the event to support the young people and talk to them about voting in a general election and about voting for local councillors. She explained the role local councillors play and the decisions they take, particularly relating to local transport, as this directly impacts how young people with disabilities are able to access the workplace.

Councillor Chilcott was very impressed with how many Foxes’ students voted in the last general election and that they learnt about how the various parties’ offers would impact the many challenges they face in day to day life. She was pleased to hear that Luke Northmore, aged 20, who has ADHD, dyslexia and dyspraxia recently accompanied Foxes staff to a debate in Parliament about making the voting process accessible. Luke saidI was asked to go to the All-Party Parliamentary Group meeting in the Palace of Westminster to talk about making voting easy enough for everyone. It is really important to vote and I was very proud when I voted in the general election so I was happy to go to London.”

Councillor Chilcott said of her visit to Foxes “It was lovely to have the opportunity to meet and speak to so many of the Foxes learners. It was really encouraging to hear that so many had voted in the last election and it was great to share with them what happened to their vote, how votes were counted and the difference that their vote could make. There were lots of good questions, and I heard that one learner had visited the houses of parliament recently. I am sure that would have been a very memorable visit.”